My dreams for the future

Have you every had a dream that you wish would happen in the future. Well most people do so don’t feel embarrassed if you do ave some.I am here to tell you my top ten dreams for the future.some of them our crazy to me and some our simple. Here is my top six dreams for the future.

here is my sixth dream for the future to have a second horse.i want a second horse so each horse can do a different sport . So rocket could be my trail horse. And my other horse could do jumping.

my fifth dream for the future is to have a dog of my own. I want a dog of my own because then my dog could go on trail rides with me.

my fourth dream in the future is to get my own jumping set. I want my own jumping set because then I can practice jumping.

my third dream is to enter a jumping show. I want to enter a jumping show because i want to see what a jumping show is like.

my second dream in the future is to go to a collage that I can bring one of my horses.I want to bring horses to collage because then I can do what I love.

my last dream in the future is to never not include horses.I want to this because then i will always be happy and what is a cowgirl without a horse.

5 thoughts on “My dreams for the future”

  1. Hi Aubrey!
    I think that your dreams are great, they line up a lot with my own! I love going out on trail rides and jumping my pony, Leo. I speak from experience when I tell you that jumping shows are a lot of fun and you should really try one.
    – Anne Laurel

    1. Hi Anne
      I to love to go out on trail rides. I also have jumped my horse rocket but never in a show. I hope I try one this year. I hope we talk more.


  2. Aubrey, your post is such fun- so original! You definitely deserve “an A for the day”!

  3. Hi Aubrey,

    My name is Lauren and I also love horses. You are so lucky to own a horse. My family owns a dog called Max and in Wales, my dad’s cousin owns a farm that has lots of horses and I love riding them.

    Keep on dreaming big,


    1. HI Lauren
      I don’t have a farm. I have a horse but I have to board him. My grandma and aunt both have farms. I have a dog too her name is Annie she is a german shorthair pointer. what are your dogs breed? I hope we talk again.

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