The story of how I got Rocket

Hi, today I am going to talk about my horse named rocket. Rocket is an eighteen-year-old, sorrel quarter horse. Rocket was born in 2000 in the state of Oregon. He came to California because he was abused and out of control. He came to this place in California. They got him to calm down a little. The owner decided that she should sell him. She sold him to a lady named Erin. she did rodeo on him until he was twelve. Then decided that he should be sold. My aunt bought him for my cousins. They rode him in rodeos for about two years. Then they put him in a pasture for two years. he sat there and sat there. Learning all of these bad habits, until I came looking for a horse of my own. My aunt told me not to go looking for a horse because rocket was ready for a new rider. I looked for a horse but did not find one I liked. So I tried rocket out and liked him. I did not have him until last year. Now I have my best friend.


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